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Half-heard notes
Take me to a different song,
A different place:
Remembered fondly,
Even if remembered wrong.


Clear Skies

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Trying to avoid the sight of clouds,
We cast down our eyes;
But in gazing at the ground,
We lose sight of clear skies.

When the clouds part, and sunlight
Shines down once again
We miss the things that matter most
If we don’t pay attention.

Soul Sickness

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You should know: I’m afraid of you.
Your intensity scares;
I’ve seen such in the mirror,
But mine does not compare.

I know it drives me mad
When I’m given that look,
But you make me want to run
And hide within a book.

I hear your whispered, broken words
As echoes of my own;
Oh, how it pains me!
I think I’d rather be alone.

I can’t help but feel
As if it’s somehow my fault:
I didn’t do enough;
I just hid within my vault.

But no, your soul-sickness
Has for much longer been
Than me or them or anybody
That you’ve been blaming.



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Saving my thoughts like pennies
But they get cheaper every time:
In this new depression,
Ten aren’t worth a dime.

Yet I’ll count them like sheep
Over and over in my head,
Even though I know
That lifeline’s just a thread.

I’ll count them ‘gainst the storm
That rises in my mind;
I’ll count them ‘gainst the hopelessness
That in my heart I always find.

I’ll count them like the stars
Shining in the night,
Hoping that if I say I will,
I’ll step into the light.



I am fire, I am ice;
I broke this world and broke it twice;
I gauged its worth and judged it naught
Until that moment I was caught.

To me, it was a barren land
Left untouched by God’s hand
But you, you saw something else
Where all I saw was of hell’s.

Yet your compassion couldn’t stay
The spread of ice or spread of flame;
Now we’re trapped here, together,
And together we must face the weather.


Would-be Princess

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The princess in this tower
Has no royal blood;
Nor rosy cheeks, nor anything
Any would call good.

She sits upon her tower
And gazes at the land
Wishing for some prince
To come, and ask her for her hand.

She knows that she’s a witch;
A shrew, to be sure:
Yet if any man could love her —
Oh, she knows she’d love him more.

All she wants is but the chance
To feel that way, to live;
If someone could just draw her out
She’d find something to give.

Blogger Recognition Award

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Shocked (once again) to find a nomination in my notifications. It never ceases to amaze — or terrify — me that anyone actually reads my blog. The only thing that surprises me more, is that some people actually seem to like it.

Ana Daksinas (of Timeless Classics) is one of my favorite bloggers. Granted, I’ll still sometimes forget to read her blog (and lots of others…) as I’m an absent-minded person with a terrible perception of time, (sorry!) but I always leave with a smile or a thought, thanks to her knack for engrossing poetry and her humor.

So thank you, Ana, for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award!

The rules are thus:

1) Post the Blogger Recognition Award Rules.
2) Use Blogger Recognition Award badge on your website.
3) Share the reasons why you blog.
4) Share two tips for new bloggers.
5) Nominate at least four other bloggers for this award and notify each of them about this nomination.

So… check. Check. Ah, here we go.

My reasons for blogging are fairly simple: I must. I often consider my passion for poetry to be one of my few redeeming qualities — probably not a great recommendation, but it is true, most days. I love writing poetry. It’s about the only thing I can do without being drowned in doubt. I also love reading poetry, though due to aforementioned absent-mindedness and just generally being a slow reader, I can never get as much of that done as I would like.

Share two tips for new bloggers.” Being a fairly new blogger myself (or I consider myself such… I’ve mentioned my poor sense for time, yes?), I’m not sure how much of what I say could really count as “wisdom.” But I guess I’ll just say this:

1) As it says on the cover of the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Don’t Panic.

and 2) You’ll be surprised how many people can relate to things you’ve felt, experienced, or thought about. So, share — more than I do, please.

Now, for my nominations I choose:

Grabbety Covens

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A Voice from Iran

One day at a time…

Congratulations! Or… condolences?