Video Games


Nostalgia tickles at my heart;
Laughter finds my eyes.
The gall, the arrogance of my youth
Never ceases to surprise.

How was it I came there?
How did I say those things?
Oh, there were times I waxed wise
And played on angel’s wings;

But more often than not,
I think I just liked to laugh.
If with others, great —
But often at the expense of someone’s wrath.

I would rarely tease or taunt —
Unless someone did it first —
But I really can’t deny
How much it gave me mirth.

Oh, I could be a demon —
And I was told such more than once:
Barely comprehensibly,
In a way that only blunts.

But there’s few who would deny
I had the honor of a knight;
And if I were only shown the same,
I was nothing but delight.


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