Time Travel

untitled (3)

If we could go back —
If we could change it —
If we could make it as it could be…
Would we? …Should we?

If we could have our dreamland,
Our picture perfect life…
Would it really be so perfect
If it hadn’t any strife?

Hardship — yeah, it’s hard;
But it “builds character.”
It has its point in life
As our very own chauffeur.

If we would take all that away,
And warp from point A to point B,
Just imagine all the things we’d miss
By skipping on the journey!

11 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. Once upton a time I was used to ask myself these very questions… then I understood that even going back in time doesn’t change things. It might change some details, but the big picture is there… and sooner or later it will show up…

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  2. I didn’t mean fate… I meant that some interactions can change in details but not in the big picture. If someone is in a certain way, behaving in a way or in another won’t change the final outcome… I tried… hoping and thinking that changing behaviours, changing actions could change the situation, but no…

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  3. I’m with you on that … if everything was easy-peasy, we would take life and our very existence for granted. The “Whatever Breaks You Makes You Stronger” .. the stuff of million-dollar songs. Kelly Clarkson got “it” too.

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