15 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Dearest… Have you tried going at the roots of the problem? I mean, you really beaut up too much on you, and have guilt issues.. sorry for becoming personal on this platform… I’m just concerned…

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    1. That’s all right. I appreciate your concern. It’s not necessary this time though — for once, I wasn’t actually writing writing about mental pain; though of course, you can interpret it that way if you prefer. But this poem was actually inspired by physical pain… Perhaps not the most extreme kind that there is, but still a menace nonetheless: I’m sick. My head hurts, my eyes hurt, my chest hurts, my temperature was somewhere over a hundred last it was checked — oh, and at times I’m shaking uncontrollably. I’ll be alright though. 🙂

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      1. Good you’re feeling better – I hear this flu saps your strength. My neighbor had a recent bout of pneumonia, caused by the flu. He had back-to-back flu … it went around his workplace around Christmas, then he caught it and they were closed at his workplace between Christmas and New Year’s … he felt better and was with family just before New Year’s (as he had stayed away the first time) … got it again, then it turned into pneumonia and he had a flu shot, but they are only 37% effective I think they said. Very scary! I eat clementines starting in November when they come out – one day I’m going to turn orange!

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        1. Oh… hope your neighbor is doing alright.

          Whatever it was, I didn’t have it so bad. It’s going through my whole family, and some who had it before me are still struggling with it — while some are just getting it.
          Scary indeed… But I think we’ll be alright. 🙂

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          1. That’s good – my neighbor was off work for three, maybe four weeks with pneumonia. I didn’t know he had pneumonia and thought he was working afternoons. I shovel his house all Winter and he mows my lawn all Summer. (I saw his car there in the driveway every morning … less snow for me to shovel … the property is 2X as big as mine). I was surprised when he sent me a text to my computer to say “thanks, I really appreciate all the extra snow shoveling, I would help but I’ve been sick since the beginning of the year with pneumonia” … I had no idea. I only see him in the nicer weather. He only started back to work on the 12th of February. Take care of yourself.

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              1. It wasn’t a bad deal the past two Winters, but this Winter has made me re-think the “deal”. We had twice the amount of snow in a normal year – yikes! Do take care of yourself.


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