Undone In the Darkness

untitled (13)

It isn’t for the first time
And it won’t be for the last
That I sit here in the darkness
And I think about my past.

The things I never did;
The things I would have said;
The things I only dreamed of —
It means nothing in the end.

Because I sit here in the darkness;
In the darkness of my heart,
And you can’t light a candle
If you never even start.

2 thoughts on “Undone In the Darkness

  1. Melancholy

    I am the present –

    Running, running to you
    Slipping on sunshine under skies of blue,

    Don’t give up on what matters, what gleams
    Hang on tightly to liveliness of dreams,

    Listen for my voice, kindle of choice
    It is time to leave behind, melancholy noise! 🙂

    – Your poem touched my heart.

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