What I A.M.

untitled (11)

What do you think I do at night?
What evils do you think I spell?
Do you think the notes I listen to
Are curses spawned from hell?

I listen to the music
That speaks of feelings that I know;
And late into the night
I try to write about my own.

I write about the sadness;
I write about the tears.
I write of the frustration
And all my foolish fears.

I write of my regret
That I’m not your perfect lamb:
My attempts at honesty
Are what I A.M.


6 thoughts on “What I A.M.

  1. It’s very touching..Loved it..There is something special about night.. the only time where you can read yourself, you can write yourself, create something new or destroy something old about yourself.. because that’s the time where you realise your true being..

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