Three Wishes

I wish my three wishes
Under the sun
I wish my three wishes
One by one:

I wish my first wish,
That I no longer run;
I wish my second,
To be a little more fun.

I wish my third wish,
That bells for me rung;
I wish that my genie
Weren’t a son of a gun.

10 thoughts on “Three Wishes

    1. Huh. This comment got lost in “spam”… Which I pretty much never check. Sorry! But, it’s found now. So, yeah. Spending all of your wishes at once may not be the best idea. 🙂 If I ever actually got my hands on a genie, I would probably save my wishes like Halloween candy: i.e. For all eternity.

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      1. I just don’t get the spam thing sometimes. I will have people say I landed in spam and there is not a spammy thing in my comment, so go figure – no worries! You would be smart to save those wishes for all eternity – savor them.

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        1. Yeah, I think I read a post a while ago complaining about that exact thing. Some sort of bug. Ah well. I’ll just have to start checking.

          Maybe… But if I never ever eat– er, use them, they haven’t much worth. Just like the poor Halloween candy… 😋😢

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