Koala King

Over Wolfie, Santa,
And Bear, he rules;
In his dark kingdom,
The largest and the fluffiest.
Once the greeter at the door
Now, little more
And possibly much less.
Midnight antics are impossible
For the midnight is mine
And no time for an empire
Of dolls to come alive.
No torment can he visit
Upon his owner or on me
For I am his watcher;
Not, perhaps, an enemy
But the place of this koala king
Is exile with the lower class.
I can only hope that any residual anger
At being locked in the closet
Will quickly pass.


One of my brothers hates koalas. So naturally, we get him something koala-related (usually stuffed animals) at every opportunity. One of these was this huge, stuffed koala, that for a time, I had perched near my door, (somehow, the thing ended up in my hands…) peeking around the corner. Then stuff happened, I had to clean up, and he got tossed in the closet with a couple of other dolls.

Now, I don’t remember what age I was, but at some point, sleeping with dolls became less a child’s inexplicable display of love for an inanimate object, and more about appeasement. I was afraid that if I didn’t show a certain amount of preference for certain dolls, they would grow angry, come alive, and murder me in my sleep. Which is funny, because I don’t think I ever watched anything like that. And yet, I still haven’t quite overcome that suspicion…

But anyway, this week’s CW prompt is to:

β€œIn 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a koala in a kingdom.”
[Extra points for pulling off a BOTS (Based On a True Story)]

9 thoughts on “Koala King

    1. Thanks. Apparently, everything they do is just… Questionable. Like, they literally have to sleep for most of the day because they refuse to eat anything but one of the least nutritionally beneficial things possible. Among other things. I’m not really sure what specifically made my brother start disliking them… But I can’t say I contend. I’ll still tease him about it, though. πŸ˜‚

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  1. I’m happy to say that this time I got the poem before reading the explanation. Yay me!
    It was a fun read with hints of evil and power that never saw the light of day.
    The side note complemented the piece well because I found out it was related a bit to your brother. And the part about the dolls was interesting.

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  2. One year the Toledo Zoo had a koala exhibition and I went to see them, about an hour’s drive away. For years I collected teddy bears, but never had a koala bear among them — the exhibit was highly touted, but in any and all ads on the radio or in the newspaper, not one ad/story said that koalas may be cute, but they are not lively and spend most of their lives sleeping since they exist on eucalyptus leaves which are mostly water – no nourishment, no substance to them. So we got their to the big exhibit and they were enclosed in an exhibit area. They were sleeping on a tree branch – stayed there awhile, nothing. No cute antics – nothing. Went to other exhibits, came back and same thing. A guide for the koala exhibit came over and said “you keep coming back to this exhibit so I’m guessing you are waiting for them to do something cute for a photo op?” “Yes” I said and that guide said there might be a long wait as they are only active a very small percentage of the day – what a letdown!

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    1. Yeah… Koalas. I think my brother’s actually got me on his side on this one. Just that eucalyptus thing alone throws koalas into the “wtf” animal category for me. One of the animal kingdom’s pickiest eaters… Because they’ll only eat a plant that’s poisonous to everything else, which doesn’t even provide them with enough energy to stay awake for more than around four hours a day… 😢

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