A True Lady

I am not a lady…
A true lady never lies;
She upholds her ideals
No matter what she feels
No matter what gold never buys

I am not a lady…
A true lady speaks so kind;
She moves with elegance and grace
And with such a pretty face
You may be struck blind

I am not a lady…
A true lady has no monsters inside;
She sees only angels
And if there be devils
They fall to their knees at her sight

No, I’m not a lady…
A true lady hasn’t got so many fears;
She doesn’t think herself a girl
Or shirk the big wide world
As she drowns herself in tears

19 thoughts on “A True Lady

  1. We can have aspirations all we want, but it is others who determine our fate and knock those aspirations down a peg. I was raised to be a lady, and was one, but I realized everyone would walk all over me, so I had to middle-of-the road … in my mind I am always that same girl from long ago.

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      1. Yes Rachel and it is hard to take the high road sometimes when others try to dissuade us or lead us down the wrong path. You are a young person, and I find you wise beyond your years. My parents were 30 when they had me, and with no siblings and being raised very strictly, I always felt I was older than my years.

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        1. Heh. I’ve proven myself on multiple occasions to be rather less than my years in some regards… There are some benefits to being an only child: learning to do things for yourself, for instance, and to be aware of what’s going on around you. Any practical application of wisdom escapes me, I’m afraid: I don’t see what I must and don’t do what I should.

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          1. That’s very true – these days I feel like I have to think about every single thing that I do – and how it impacts my well being … it is a daunting challenge just to step outside the door some days. As I get older I reflect more on the wouda, coulda and shoulda stuff – are our minds ever completely free? I try to make my mind clear in the mornings when I set out – it may be the best part of the day except watching for stray dogs, or strangers, or unattended vehicles careening into me as someone is texting or posting on Facebook and driving. Sigh.

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