I can only ever be
Recharged in lightning strikes:
Every moment in between
Is a low, waiting for the next spike.

It often comes in little things,
Such as a new favorite song;
Then, it’s a new spring,
And the apathy again is gone.

Finally, for a moment,
I dream of cities and people…
Until the next time I fall silent
And must stand waiting with a metal pole.

23 thoughts on “Lightning

  1. A couple months ago I felt the wrath of Thor’s hammer as I was speeding along the interstate around 80 miles an hour with all my windows down, enjoying the fresh air before the rain, and I had just moved over into the far right lane, getting out of the middle lane, when lightning struck my entire Jeep, it lit the fuck up, I felt the heat, and my life flashed before my eyes, as I saw watched the lightning in my mirror thinking this is it, this is how I go, as I screamed a profanity, and nearly died of a heart attack. The crash was so loud I had ringing in my ears for days, and the left side of my face and arm was warm for many days, and I wondered how much radiation I took, and I frantically searched the house but I had no iodine, and I am in no way prepared for the Apocalypse. The lightning struck right in the middle lane as I was getting out of it, at 80 miles an hour, and I still don’t know how I didn’t die. It was bright, HOT, and loud! Way too close of a call, I’m not exaggerating and I can’t even explain how scary it was. It had me shook for days.

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              1. I’m nearly OCD about making mistakes on WP, especially when I have no control to fix it. I wish, at the very least, we would be able to edit a comment we make on another’s blog (without having to ask the user). But also, I write alot at night and it’s easy to misspell a word with 2 or 3 different spellings, or fuck up a punctuation, and I am an insomniac so. Mistakes are a dime a dozen. Frustrating.

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                1. You’re not the only one. When I first started, I was hoping that there is some sort of an Edit button. When I found out there isn’t one, I was a bit disappointed, but understood. Sometimes, when there is a lot of back and forth, someone might go in and delete a key comment that caused all the commotion and others would just look silly. Someone suggested that the Edit button was there but only for a minute. I think that’d be interesting. At least I could fix some of my typos. I used to be very OCD about reading the comments I write to make sure there are no errors. I rarely check anymore. Time is always running out, so I cannot afford to spellcheck.

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