It starts off merely little things:
The way you walk, the way you speak;
While slowly I become you:
How you live, how you think.

I begin by getting close to you:
Your friend, your devotee.
Soon when people look for you
They don’t realize that it’s me.

In the end I finally disappear:
The outsider, the synthetic twin.
“Your” friends never find
The shallow grave I put you in.

Goldie’s CW prompt for the week:

“Write a story inspired by the word “clone.””

10 thoughts on “Copycat

        1. You mean, write about the same characters, the same events, the same world… Multiple times? 😱 Inconceivable!

          Oh, who knows. My sister actually wants me to try doing NaNoWriMo — or at least, to try getting as far as I can into that kind of project. Hm. We’ll see.

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          1. Yes, it would be fun … have the same character … I think you could do it as you have a lot of imagination. I had to Google NaNoWriMo and I agree with your sister – that would be a good starting point for you.

            Liked by 1 person

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