At Ease

What’s this, that makes me laugh to trembles?
I feel it’s something I rarely know.
So often I exaggerate smiles;
Such a joy to just let go.

Something keeps me from connection;
A blame that only I can take.
I fear all I do is misdirection;
That everything I am is fake.

I’ve restrained myself without realizing,
Feeling some things just can’t be said;
Which seems to be most everything
That rolls around inside my head.

But how much worse to be stifled;
To feel always you’re alone.
How much worse to grow idled,
Detached from any life or home.

But to feel that you’re alive —
Even if you might just crash and burn?
I think I just might chance a dive,
If that’s something I can learn.

9 thoughts on “At Ease

    1. It’s fairly easy to get me to laugh, too. *Sincerely* is another matter, though. Rarely do I laugh sheerly because I’m well and truly tickled. And when I am, it’s usually over really weird things. Sometimes, it’s hardly anything at all; but, there I am, laughing to tears, while my siblings look on, amused at my reaction…

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  1. Much like you, Rachel, I wonder at the odd things that make me laugh…

    A couple years ago, a colleague from the adjoining cubicle, after saying nothing for two hours, popped up and announced, “Eli Wallach just died.”

    Just the look on his face, as though he expected me to do something about it (like what, “Arise, Eli Wallach”?) resulted in a poorly-concealed chortle.

    Which, of course, made him ask, “What, do you find this funny?”

    No, but the look on your face, and the total randomness of the observation, is truly hilarious.

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