A Piece of Candy

He loved her, he was sure;
Even if she didn’t see.
Why did she sell herself away?
He could set her free.

He followed her that night:
Watched her from a tree.
But when that other man arrived,
He just couldn’t let it be.

He did just what he’d said he would:
At last, he set her free.
In the morning they found
Her and that man’s body.

When they finally came to his apartment,
It didn’t take them long to see:
For right there on the mantel
Was where he kept his piece of Candy.

β€œWrite a scene or story that includes a piece of candy.”

Hehehe… I do so like puns. Still think Goldie’s story might have me beat, though.

10 thoughts on “A Piece of Candy

  1. Fantastic, Rachel!

    The direction you were taking this made the ending, broadly speaking, vaguely expected. However, you twisted things in an unanticipated (and clever) direction.

    It takes King a whole novel to do this; you did it in, what, a hundred words? Superb job, Writer!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, sure. If you use 100,000 words, you’re bound to stumble over a detail or two.

        To accomplish it, though, in the limited space you’ve provided yourself? Now that’s talent too.

        Not to disparage King’s artistry. Three or four of his works cause my “To Be Read” stack to teeter, but good writing is good writing, no matter whether he pens it, or you.

        Liked by 1 person

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