A Little Glass Princess


I feel like porcelain,
With my fragile knees all shaken;
I fretfully will try to please,
And with a doll I’m oft mistaken.

A frail trophy of finer things;
A little princess with her painted wings.
Admired only through the glass,
And only through the glass, admiring.

Oh, to be turned again to flesh and blood!
To feel against my cheeks the flood;
And live the days of all the weeks
To the fullest I possibly could.

But I am just the faint of heart;
Try me, and I fall apart.
Buy me, but I’m just to see,
And only as a work of art.

6 thoughts on “A Little Glass Princess

  1. We are thinkers, Rachel (no doubt, narcissism adds me to your numbers). Every action, even the merest word, causes our minds to race, to put in double overtime. “Am I too fragile, too brittle? I never could make it in ‘The Real World.'”

    Yet, this world is largely our creation, our imagination. We define it and give it style.

    Maybe you are a porcelain princess, Rachel, but your isolation is by your own command. Why cede the field to the incompetents? You’ve risen for a reason!

    “Dieu et Mon Droit!”

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    1. Nonsense! Narcissism has got nothing to do with it. I daresay half the world is made up of us thinkers; I hardly think it (haha) such a stretch to say that you’re one.

      Ah, but what if I am one of said incompetents? I’ve no wish to be the blind leader of the blind. Best leave it to someone else, and simply watch from my gilded cage.

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      1. What if you’re among the drooling herds? Yeah, yeah…and what if you’re a talking squirrel?

        Both classifications are irrelevant here. No-one who writes and thinks as well as you even can spell “incompetent,” let alone be one.

        Of course, I understand why the princess finds peace only in her castle, while the jostling mob below tramples all that’s worthy.

        Ah, but this internet thing is your telescope, bringing into focus other castles glistening on the horizon. Yes, there are others! Oh, the improvements we’ll make!

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