It’s all it’s ever, ever been;
All I’ve ever known.
I try to tell myself that it’s a sin,
But that’s not something I’ve outgrown.
I cling to it, it’s easier:
So much easier that way.
My eyes keep growing sleepier;
So I’ll just close the blinds and turn away.

6 thoughts on “Sloth

  1. So true, Rachel – you’ve really captured the range of emotions Sloth stirs. At least when we’re motivated enough to care still.

    As with most maladies, we do this to ourselves. What happens twelve hours before Sloth? “Just half an hour more, I’m not ready for bed yet.” Just like when we were seven.

    Now, I know, I’m describing Fatigue, not Sloth, though the two usually are a package deal. Point I’m trying to make, in a long, winding way, is, we often aren’t lazy; just exhausted.

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    1. Perhaps. But you can’t always rely on life to crush the sins out of you. After all, isn’t that the very essence of sloth? Eternally waiting; Leaving off any higher aspirations, and abandoning your responsibilities into the hands of others? At some point, you have to step up yourself, or it never truly ends.

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