Stepping Up, and Stepping Down

I am a child again:
The need has passed away,
So to the side I step,
For another to come and save the day.

Our places have been set in stone
For as long as all my memory:
One to do what must be done;
And me to just watch merrily.

Yet written on another stone,
In absence and necessity,
Is proof aplenty I have grown;
But those are words you’ll never see.

6 thoughts on “Stepping Up, and Stepping Down

  1. When we were young, Rachel, we wanted nothing more than to reach adulthood, because then – finally! – nobody can tell us what to do.

    We summoned it, and now we have it.

    But this is no good either, because, well, nobody’s telling us what to do.

    There’s no pleasing us, is there?

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    1. I don’t believe it possible to read poetry *wrong*; such things are open to interpretation. Though, I never really knew my grandparents. When I wrote this one, I’d been inspired by the return of my mother and sister, who’ve been absent awhile. Their absence technically left me as the lady of the house, and, for the time, I abdicated my throne of ne’er-do-wellism and “stepped up” — if only a tad. But now they’re back, and I slip back into the established setup…

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