Casting Stones

I don’t know why I’m angry;
Why I just cannot accept.
Love, to me, sometimes seems
Like a foreign concept.

Have I ever even felt it?
If I did, how would I know?
There are some we’re just supposed to love,
But we don’t always feel it’s so.

Instead, we just feel empty;
Instead, we feel alone.
And though it may be that we share the blame,
We begin to cast our stones.

Not my best week. Sorry for being scarce. I’ve been distracted by several things, one of which you can probably extrapolate from my most recent poems. Add to that recent and upcoming events (like Thanksgiving, with all its accompanying chaos), and my trying to keep up with writing approximately 1700 words a day this month, and… I’m kind of beat.

Still… Just one more week to go, and the month is over. Back to status quo. Theoretically.

18 thoughts on “Casting Stones

  1. Excuses, excuses. Kidding.
    I hope your NaNo is going well.
    You’re more mysterious than you give yourself credit for. I’m not really sure what’s been going on with you. Family issues?
    As far as love towards family is concerned, it’s a tricky one. I thin one has to mature to actually feel it and understand it. It definitely isn’t love at first sight. I think about it a little like the love between an arranged married couple. They learn to love one another.

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    1. Oh, yes: I am a master of making excuses.
      Well… I’ve kept up, at least. Barely, in some cases. Just a few thousand words away, just a few more days, but I feel liable for a nose dive.
      Heh. Sometimes I feel downright transparent — not to mention cliche. Yeah, it’s family issues. Typical parent-children frictions, exasperated by my mom’s having been gone for a while, and now being back. The contrast between how we like things, and how she does things, can feel almost painful. I’m a slow learner…

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      1. Keep going, then. You’re almost there!

        I never understood why it was the adults that had a final say and that my opinion didn’t matter. Life is tough and we don’t always get things our way. Having kids gives you the chance to get it your way. Until then…

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  2. Love is particularly difficult for those like you, Rachel, who take it seriously. Easy enough to go through the process, mouthing phrases and making pointless gestures. Everything looks good from the outside, but our Love-Mime has nothing to show for all the frantic activity. Empty phrases result in deep, profound emptiness.

    Not so automatic for you. Love has to inspire the soul. Such relationships aren’t exactly a penny-for-a-pound.

    Frustrating, as your reality often doesn’t match up to others’ images. Someday, when your turn comes, you’ll exult in genuine affection, not languish as pretense’s wisps forever escape your gasp…

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    1. You give me too much credit, I fear. When it comes down to it, I wonder if I’m really much different from anyone else, grasping for something I will probably break in my desperation, or else will be unable to recognize it until I’m looking back in regret.

      “Love-Mime.” I couldn’t have described it any better, and it’s a feeling I’m very familiar with…

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          1. It was nice; thanks for asking, Rachel. Enjoyed it at my mother’s house – it was just us, my aunt and uncle, my cousin and his girlfriend, Provided the turkey and helped with prep/cleanup, so I’m not a total mooch!

            And yours?

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