The Lull in the Storm

Fierce winds, for now, have passed:
Mere gusts are blowing by.
The storms, they never last;
But they always come back for another tie.

The lull has come to us at last,
And we stand waiting in the eye
For times we know have not quite passed;
And so we look ahead, until the next time.

4 thoughts on “The Lull in the Storm

  1. Apt description of life’s meteorology, Rachel. Yesterday, a hurricane. Today, the sun warms your shoulders as the tide playfully caresses your ankles.

    Is it always like this, sun and storm constantly jostling? Maybe, maybe not, but each tempest returns to find you’ve learned a little more and are a little better prepared.

    “OMG, I’m gonna die!” eventually becomes, “Not this time, storm. Not this time.”

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