Mosaic of Truth

We’re making mosaics
With fragments of truth
Trying to find the picture
Like some determined sleuth
And we say that it is ours
And we say that it is art
And oh how much we cry
When still, it falls apart.

4 thoughts on “Mosaic of Truth

  1. Ah, there’s the problem right there – when we find an oddly-dimensioned truth, we should reconfigure our adjoining beliefs to accommodate it.

    Instead, we just hammer away at the inconvenience, chipping away facets until we can force it into place. Shoddy work, that, and it ultimately forces apart the entire pattern.

    Beautifully perceptive analogy, Rachel!

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    1. Well put! Yes, people seem very adept with their hammers these days. Not that I’m much different; but still, even I can see it’s a shame. So much is lost with those broken-off shards, including the thing we seek, or, ought to: the true, whole picture.

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