It’s easier to just stay silent
When you know your tongue slips like a knife:
How can you expect to do the right thing,
When you’ve never done so all your life?
Yes, best to just stay silent;
Best to just stand still.
How can you hurt anyone
If you have only time to kill?

But the words build up inside you,
And eventually come out;
Whether it be in little whispers,
Or in one painful shout.
And then, what will you do?
Do you slink back to the silence?
As for me, I must believe
There’s some way to speak that’s not in violence.

5 thoughts on “Hurtful

  1. Quite the challenge, isn’t it, Rachel? As you ask, how do we keep ourselves from suffocating? Holding our breath may maintain the peace, but that house of cards does tumble when we finally gasp for life.

    Adding to the complexity is the knowledge that, well, everything I utter myself isn’t 100% pure gold. Far from it. Half the time, I hope nobody heard what I just said. I blush inside and out.

    Unfortunately, no proposed solutions this time, Rachel. For once, I’m happy just to commiserate.

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