An Iron Grip

It reaches in with iron claws —
Can’t you feel the chill?
The constricting of their jaws,
And now my heart has had its fill.

The latter’s thick with certainty,
And shrunk like in the Grinch;
Two sizes too small for me,
Though it’s just fine in a pinch.

But I find that there’s a difference
Between a pinch and a need;
For when I need it now, for this,
I find all it does is bleed.

7 thoughts on “An Iron Grip

  1. Again, Rachel, this defies a quick answer or a mystical incantation to make everything better.

    Sure, in the end, the Grinch’s heart grows and triumphs, but (as I suspect you know I’d write) life ain’t no cartoon.

    Of course, there’s no magic wand to wave, but nor are we powerless. There has to be a solution, and someday we’ll find it. Just give us some time, OK? Working on it…

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  2. When you find it, Rachel, please make better use of it than I did.

    When my moment came, all I could think of was a cassette player. Now I’m stuck with this obsolete piece of junk, and it isn’t even in stereo. Pretty cool thing to have in 1977, but now?

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    1. Hah! I’ll have to brainstorm perfect wishes to make, then. True love, perhaps? But the way wishes tend to work, that would no doubt end in heartbreak. After all, wishing for true love doesn’t necessarily guarantee you get to keep it. What about happily ever after? Hm… I’d probably have the best time of my life — and then die tomorrow. Courage, then? A heart? A brain? Ah well, I wouldn’t trust it anyway. I suspect I’ll have to make do without. Although, obsolete or not, you really can’t be the worse for a cassette player…

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