Your Little Fool

Bear with me,
Watch me patiently:
Try to read my story,
Though I know I am a fool.

There are times I’ll say
More than ought to cross your way,
And then there’s times I’ll say
Almost nothing at all.

And if you try to stay,
It might be me who turns away;
Mad with the fear I might not see the day,
I verge so nearly upon cruel.

But if you try to see,
And accept even the worst of me,
I don’t think I could be anything
But your lucky little fool.

3 thoughts on “Your Little Fool

  1. One credit you’re due, Rachel, is an appreciation for your courage in discussing all of this.

    It’s said the internet promotes, simultaneously, honesty and affectation. Particularly as we hide behind anonymity’s mask.

    However, your case is different, as you’re no stranger. We’ve been at this for months, and far longer with others. You’ve become familiar, a friend. Yet still, you share willingly.

    Well done!

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    1. I still don’t believe I’m half so brave as you can make it sound. There’s a part of me that doubts, that presents argument after argument that I am nothing but a wretch and a coward. But then, you often give my Doubt a run for his money, till even he begins to doubt himself… Which is quite a feat, I might add.

      Happy New Year, by the way.

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  2. Thank you, Rachel – you too!

    This duality is understandable because we all are of “two minds.” The Doubter reaches for everyone, even the (seemingly) confident.

    In fact, I suspect doubts often are our self-assurance at work, a sly game it plays to goad the Doubter into action, thus allowing others, who are more impartial observers, to note the green check-marks we boast.

    In this regard, keep doubting, Rachel. It just goes to prove the Doubter, not you, is truly the “Little Fool.”

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