In the Garden

My words are not with me:
They abandon me for thoughts.
Thoughts my own, not for another;
Best left to just decay and rot;
Or else to grow, all alone,
Where they’ll not beneath some foot be caught.

7 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. Fortunately for us, you’ve chosen the latter path, Rachel. That’s exactly what you’ve been doing here.

    How these vines thrive, defying the frost, just waiting to soak up the growing season’s advancing balminess.

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    1. Defying the frost… Hehe… yes, well — the cold never bothered me anyway. Though, you know, the former path, It’s not like I’ve entirely… Let It Go. šŸ˜ Really though, there’s still many a thought I’ve betrayed and left to die. Some of them deserved it

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