Masterpiece (But Not Really)

Not every word is first and last;
Not every sentence makes a masterpiece.
Not everything’s the epitome of profound…
And not everything has to be.

Addendum: This is apparently my 500th blog post. Now isn’t that ironic? 500 imperfections in, and I write about not everything being perfect.

4 thoughts on “Masterpiece (But Not Really)

  1. 500? Congratulations, then, Rachel!

    Taken individually, each post flirts with the profound, and most achieve it

    All together, yes, they make up a masterpiece. Easily so.

    You’ve accomplished this after just 500 (well before, actually). What’s 1,000 going to bring? 5.000? The mind struggles to imagine.

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    1. Thank you! You’re too kind. 😊

      Although, I must say… I didn’t realize this “profound” fellow was such a philanderer. Each post flirts with him, and he just takes and returns every one’s attentions like it’s a perfectly normal thing to do? Tsk tsk. For shame! 😝

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  2. Ha! Profundity, you rogue!

    Does anybody have the heart to tell him he no longer has authority to flaunt his title? Really, he’s had nothing interesting to say for years now. Poor guy’s been absolutely delusional ever since he caught that…er…social bug.

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    1. Right? It’s terrible, how he’s cheapened himself — just dreadful! His mother must be rolling over in her grave, poor thing. Wisdom, I think her name was. Ah, it was such a shame when she died… Her son has only gone downhill since then, you know, and I don’t think he’s the only one.

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