I’ve been coaxed and badgered,
Until I say it at last;
And when I do, you think it’s new,
And throw your head back to laugh.

You don’t know I’ve said it all in silence;
That every other word I think
Is something rooted deep in violence
That I only rarely ever dare to speak.

I’ve lost the belief that it matters,
And I’m afraid that I won’t get it back.
So what to do? It’s nothing new;
And my soul I feel is growing black.

I could curse back all the curses;
I could claim that I am free,
And that all those bitter words
Hold no meaning with me.

The truth is something different,
Which my mother would be vexed to know;
But some things are still bullshit
Even when pretending that it isn’t so.

4 thoughts on “Curses

  1. You’ve “lost the belief that it matters,” Rachel?

    Well, allow me to disagree, my friend.

    Just what have we been doing here, lo these many months? Many far longer than that?

    How many dozens eagerly await your latest observations, accumulating as the days have become months, then years? With every entry you inspire new discussions.

    Much in this world may waste our time, but your thoughts aren’t among them.

    Liked by 1 person

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