Well, you’ve got my head a-scratching–
(You’ve got my head a-scratched?
“You’ve got my head a-scratching…”
We’ll just go with that.)

You’ve got my head a-scratching;
He’s a-scratching at the door.
He’s a-scratching for a-something,
But can’t find what he’s a-scratching for.

Yep, you got him all a-looking
But he’s all a-lost as to what for.
Perhaps it’s how to go a-cooking
Without a-losing all the flour to the floor.

And now he’s really all a-scratching
Because a-baking’s what he’s searching for;
Must’ve been a-deviled to say “cooking”!
Er… but that’s not what he’s a-scratching for.

He was a-scratching for ideas;
Must’ve a-scratched right through his core,
‘Cause when you’re a-thinking for some reasons,
You don’t go a-bulling through the China store!

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no idea what this is. Truly, I’ve no a-knowing where it came from at all! I was just a-going about my day, trying maybe not to slay anyone who even looks at me the wrong way (anyone and everyone!! Basically), and I decided I’d a-try and lift my mood by a-letting go a little. Don’t you be a-judging! I’m mostly just a-kidding. But… I’m still a-going. Yeah, okay, I’ll be a-stopping now. Don’t want to get stuck like that…

12 thoughts on “Nonsense

  1. Of course, Rachel, mention of “cooking” and “flour” scratches me right where I itch, as it were.

    Aside from that, I’m getting is a stream-of-consciousness vibe here. You take a word, could be used as a verb, also serves as a noun, and you just let it unfold. You’ve kept pace admirably as it meanders.

    I hope there’s not a deeper meaning I’m missing here. It was a rough day at the office and I’m still pretty stressed. My thinker’s just on the fritz right now.

    At the moment, it does the most good to imagine you’re just exploring, having fun.

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    1. That bad? I’m sorry to hear that. There really is no deeper meaning though; I was basically just thinking out loud, albeit in a playful sort of way. And, you know, with rhyming. But anyway, that’s why there’s the baking references: I had just helped make a cake. Of course, it was from a box only (I rather fancy this is where you gape or gasp with indignation…), as my family generally prefers the ease of things in boxes — but, it was on my mind.

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      1. Why scoff at boxes? Their contents get the job done, a fact I’ve confirmed at times, when I’m not online, performing for an audience.

        Besides your efforts call forth more skill and finesse than most are willing to expend. After all, the most common route is to pick up something at the bakery. Or to take a box of Entenmann’s from the grocery shelf. Or, when absolutely uninspired, Little Debbie.

        Besides, boxes very well may rule us some day. What will you do, when you apply for that job you really want, when you look across the interview table to see a box sitting in the chair?

        Don’t know how to respond to that one, do you, Rachel?

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        1. Well… Of course boxes are going to rule us someday! Folks are going to start making advanced, robotic boxes that can self-deliver; these boxes of course are going to become self-aware and cynical — because, after all, they’ve been working to deliver goodies sheerly for the ease of humanity — and are ultimately going to overthrow us humans and put US to work baking and delivering things all by ourselves, while they sit in chairs and laugh as they refuse us yet another job of our own preference.

          Thus, the answer to your question is that I will be turned down. Cruelly. Again. And then possibly start up a rebellion.

          Ha! 😜

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  2. It’s full of meaning to me.
    We always search for something. Knocking on doors, scratching at obstacles… Where does the door/road lead? We don’t know. Somewhere… we want to get somewhere but aren’t really sure where.
    When we think we know where we’re going, we often find ourselves longing for something else once we actually get there. We change the direction in which we were traveling and head somewhere else. Will we be satisfied there?

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