Glimpsing the Tapestry

There is no rhyme or reason.
Or — there may yet be.
There’s no telling in my current season,
Where life still has its grip on me.

I want to know the answer.
What’s the reason for the wait?
But I am going nowhere
While there’s still thread left for my fate.

5 thoughts on “Glimpsing the Tapestry

  1. It’s the trip that matters, not the destination.

    After all, reaching the destination is the end. No more room for improvement. No more adventure.

    Better to still be moving, to still be dreaming, than to have put all of that behind us. Someday, in fact, we may realize the journey was the prize.

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    1. I suppose. That (journey before destination) is a sentiment I’ve heard — and repeated — often. Still… it would be nice to have *some* idea where it is we’re going. Instead, we’ve got several different signposts all with signs that state either the same thing but point in a hundred different directions, or that outright contradict each other. Go a little ways down this path, which the signs state lead to hell, heaven, an endless void, and/or a wormhole that goes back to the beginning — but then all you get is a dead end. But then there’s this other path, which was supposed to lead to redemption, and winds up at a half eaten gingerbread house. Not all who wander are lost… But I do sometimes feel a little lost.

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      1. Naturally, you’ve given me a new way of looking at it, Rachel. Or, perhaps more accurately, you recall my own previous bafflement.

        What have the intervening years taught? Certainly not that the landscape is any less murky (though in some ways, it is). Better than that, though, is realizing what’s in the inventory.

        There’s experience. Did that ol’ wormhole set you back on “Start?” Everything look distressingly familiar? OK, then what did you learn the last time? I bet you’ve added ways of coping you didn’t know then.

        In addition, there’s everyone else. Make them your sounding boards, your boosters. Our species has been at it for millennia now. There isn’t a situation out there thousands (and usually millions) haven’t faced – and bested- countless times.

        Finally, above all, is your brain. it’s aspirational. It’s hotwired into us to improve and overcome. You’ll find your motor’s “On” switch! We’ll help!

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