The Choice to Choose

Every decision is repealable;
Nothing ever stays.
Sometimes I think it’s for the best;
Sometimes I choose to change my ways.

But that choice is repealable;
That decision never stays.
I find I don’t know how to make the choice
To choose to change my ways.

6 thoughts on “The Choice to Choose

  1. Ah, that’s our kind’s (thinkers) cardinal sin – well, to overthink things.

    Instead of letting circumstance shape our course, we feel the need to make it a process, a production. “Of what worth is it,” we ask, “if we don’t deliberate, make a list of a dozen pros and cons, and agonize over the decision?”

    Meanwhile, life, so tired of waiting around, moves on without us.

    Taking a leap of faith, shooting things on spec, is terrifying. Yet it also can vastly rewarding. Exactly what we needed to do, it turns out.

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    1. A little tangential, but have you ever seen the Hobbit cartoon? There’s a song in there: “The Greatest Adventure.” One of my favorite songs, and it’s actually about exactly that… That is, waiting around and dreaming and thinking, instead of acting.

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      1. Yes I did, actually! I think I was in 7th grade when I saw it, but your reference sent the memory vaulting forward through the years.

        I’ve fond recollections of that cartoon, too, the more I think of it. Thanks for starting me on that road, Rachel!

        Best part of all? It didn’t have Leonard Nimoy’s dreadful “Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.”

        Seriously, instead of chasing ghosts, Yeti and Nessie, perhaps Nimoy’s first show, post-Star Trek, should have been:

        In Search of: Why Didn’t This Song Destroy My Career?

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        1. Oh, my… I didn’t know about that. Spock sang something inspired by The Hobbit? I’ll have to look that up — and suffer, apparently. šŸ˜

          Glad to have jogged your memory! Among my family, at least, the songs from that cartoon are classic. The Return of the King one, too: I was actually humming “Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way” just the other day — on a walk with my sister…

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          1. I’m sure YouTube has it somewhere, holding it at arm’s-length.

            My, Rachel, you really are all about Hobbit cartoon lore! When you make your way to Jeopardy!, and “The Illustrated Hobbit” is the Final Category, bet everything you have, plus $20K!

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            1. Yep, just found it. I don’t mind it so much… There’s worse things (especially nowadays) — And hey, at least he was (presumably) having fun.

              Hah! You won’t catch me making that bet: If I’m asked the color shirt such-and-such character is shown wearing during such-and-such scene, I’ll be ruined. My memory is primarily centered on the music, and even that is aided a great deal by YouTube.

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