4 thoughts on “Alone Together

  1. Yet you still gaze to the horizon, Rachel, searching. That land is out there. It has to be.

    What else are these writings, these musings, if not a search for a distant shore? Eventually, you’ll make landfall, then you’ll pull someone else from the waves too.

    Plenty of room here on this big ol’ island. Or is it a continent?

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    1. Unidentified landmass, eh? Sounds lovely. Now, how to go about getting there? I can’t very well be pulled out if I’m still miles from shore… Unless somebody’s got a boat. Do people still use those in metaphorical places? Ah well. The best resolution would be for me to just learn how to swim.

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      1. Good idea, Rachel. As soon as you learn, you’ll brush against a sandbar. …leading to a beach’s swaying palms. “Wait. Where did this island come from? I swear, it wasn’t here the last time I looked.”

        As for the boat, remember that lunch you wrote about, tied to the pier, across the lake from the castle? I certainly do, as it was the first time I felt brave enough to comment on your poetry.

        We never decided whether that boat carried you to the castle, did we? Perhaps it did. Perhaps it didn’t though, and it’ll pop over the horizon soon, waiting for you to climb aboard and captain it. Toward a landmass, maybe?

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        1. Well, I can’t say I recall writing anything about my lunch 😝 — but yes, I do remember. There was some talk of using the planks of the pier as oars, I believe, and I remember being pleasantly surprised by the idea, though I think my response was still something a little devil’s advocate-y.

          Come to think of it, that might have been the first time I visited your blog… And gaped. For whatever reason, it was (and still kind of is) almost humorously incredible to me that of all things, Mr. Clever turns out to be a *chef*. Sorry — not “chef”. Cook? Hobbyist? Connoisseur? I believe I came up with a proper title for you at some point, that involved an awful lot of hyphens…

          But anyway. Boat’s not arrived yet… But I do look forward to its coming.

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