Of a Coin

You’re two sides of the same coin:
If you could only see,
If you could only know,
Would this tale then have a happy ending?
Or does it take more than that to go
Beyond just being the other side?

10 thoughts on “Of a Coin

  1. Yes it does, Rachel – take “more than that” to see the other side, I mean.

    Specifically, we all need others. People who know us, but who enjoy also the flexibility to leap up and see the whole picture.

    We’re just here, determined to be a penny among pennies. Sometimes, when we look at ourselves we feel inspired to Abe the heck out of things. That’s our fate, our universe.

    Yet, let somebody else take a gander too. Do you realize all the interesting stuff you have over here, on the other side? Also, you realize you’re a silver dollar, not a penny, don’t you? And look at your edges – reeding. So cool!

    We all could use a numismatist from time to time.

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    1. Heh. “Abe the heck out of things.” Nicely put. (Yes, I know, I’m a master at the art of caveman communication right now…)

      Numismatist, huh? Somebody hitting the dictionary again? (The answer is yes: me.)

      And yes… we all could.

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      1. Quite a construction, huh?

        I hope you’re impressed. because…the things I had to sacrifice to make room for “numismatist.”

        Og not think so good. Og know ‘numismatist,” but now head hurt. Ow! Stupid words! Oooga-Booga! Grrr! (And then, the sound of me drooling, however I’m supposed to transcribe that)

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        1. Ahh, now you’re speaking my language! Unfortunately, I, too, am at a loss to figure out the written equivalents of certain things. If I knew the written equivalent of the verbal equivalent of a shrug, then I’d be set for life… But alas, we must make due with those dreadful big words (like “dreadful”)!

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          1. Was going to suggest “meh” for a shrug, but further consideration dims the idea.

            After all, it’s impossible to confine the gesture to a single word. It can signify, among many other things, “I dunno,” “Hey…don’t look at me,” “What can anyone do about it?,” Go figure,” “Fine, whatever…”

            Even more complex concepts, such as, “I don’t even know what to say to that. And this is me, walking away.”

            Let’s face it, Rachel, much as we fancy ourselves writers, and despite English furnishing, what, 250,000 words, we’re stumped.

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