I don’t know how to say it all the time.
Sometimes I’m yours — but sometimes I’m mine;
And I wish that that could just be fine…
But I’m afraid you’ll see that it’s a crime.

3 thoughts on “Solitude/Gratitude

  1. The ideal partner will have a natural understanding of this, because it’s his own requirement as well. Allowing a little space because it also creates enough freedom for him to thrive. Better together, but I also need an opportunity to develop the “me” I’m bringing to this, OK?

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    1. Really? Hmm… Maybe so. But I can’t let that be an excuse not to make an effort, because that IS my natural inclination, and I don’t want to always be that person; the person who never tries, who’s always in the background. There’s a fine line between recharging, and hiding.

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