I rarely call people by name
Unless they’re bound to me by blood
As if I’ll scare them all away
As if I’ll get too close for my own good

If they turn to me and say
That they’re my friend, then I will balk
And if someone tells me that they like me
I’ll stand trembling in shock

I don’t like to say the first words
And I’ll oft not even say the last
I just turn aside and look away
As if my approach would be a trespass

I like to hope that I’ll be different
I can believe that it might change
But still I bow my head some days
And wish the world would go into its grave.

11 thoughts on ““Anti-Social”

  1. Understandably, Rachel

    Most days it’s easier to remain snuggled away in a pile of blankets. In so doing, it’s become a routine.

    Yet, every once in a while, something stirs within you. You feel inspired to move around, to explore. Every one day in X, you want to see what life brings today.

    Here’s to those periodic spurts of action. They enable you to keep the blog fresh and vital, and to illustrate your thoughts with the discussions they inspire.

    Besides, you’ve called me by name, and it hasn’t sent me scurrying. A point in the “action” column, true?

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    1. Much easier. It seems every night I vow to get up in the morning; and every morning opt to stay in bed. Here, then, to that one day in X; the breaking (or at least pausing) of the habit; the metaphorical open window. May the X be an ever decreasing number!

      Hah! Well, thanks for sticking around, Keith. 🙂

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