I wrote a dozen poems
Off the top of my head;
Wrote them, wondering
If I was better off dead.
Because I fight with my brother;
I fight with my mom.
Sometimes I fight with my sister
When she goes on and on.
So I wrote a dozen poems
Just to clear out my mind:
They were pretty good,
And of the earnesty kind.
I would have shared them with you,
But I was out walking,
And by the time I came in,
Every one I’d forgotten!

13 thoughts on “Tribute

    1. Lol! Are you saying my forgetfulness isn’t brilliant?! Goldie, how could you? 😝

      To seriousness though: sometimes there doesn’t appear to be an opportunity to make up. It’s not like when you were a kid, where you’d be ordered to go apologize and/or hug it out. It’s… harder. Sometimes the other person seems to move on, but is still fighting in their head; and sometimes you seem to move on, and everybody misses the apology you never said. And of course, neither ever wants to bring up a fight that seems to be over. So a lot of things keep on going unsaid.

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      1. I see what you mean. True.

        When it comes to me – I apologize whenever I feel like it. That way, I don’t have to guess if the other person wants it or not. It’s something I do for ME. And I don’t think it’s ever too late for an apology. Even if you think it’s long gone and people have forgotten, I believe it still lingers in the back of their heads. It doesn’t have to be a long apology. Just a quick acknowledgement to get it out of the way. But I am aware that is not how everyone works…

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  1. Aha, Rachel, it happens to you too! How often have ideas come to life, filled universes even, then disappeared just as quickly? I tell myself I’ll remember them, but I do only sometimes.

    Often, when people go out for a walk, it’s with the express purpose of clearing their minds.

    Sounds as though your rambles did the trick this time too. Perhaps all too well.

    Still, those ideas didn’t go anywhere. They’re still in your mind, waiting for an opportune time to reintroduce themselves. We’ll be waiting too, Rachel, and when those markings make their triumphant return, please jot them down and share with us, OK?

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    1. By the time they reintroduce themselves, I suspect they’ll be as strangers. Perhaps they’ll be willing to go walking with me again… But I think it’s very likely we’ll once again part at the door. Or perhaps they’ll come in, but I simply won’t recognize that I’ve seen them before…
      But, I fear I’m rambling. I’m rhyming too. In my comments, no less! Now there’s a bad sign. Next thing you know I’ll start communicating in limericks.
      Yeah… I think it best I go to sleep before that happens…

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