Comedy or Tragedy?

I can’t tell if it’s comedy or tragedy,
That someone might believe there’s something to see in me,
Or that at such a hint I have to think
“What do they think that they can get from me?”
I could say my faith was at some point shattered —
But I never kept it where it might fall;
I could say my soul is long since broken —
But it’s hidden away, never touched at all.
So I can’t tell if it’s comedy or tragedy,
But there’s something to this thing
That’s either just a touch ridiculous
Or sadder than most anything.

11 thoughts on “Comedy or Tragedy?

  1. So here’s my thing. Cliche movies tell us that some people feel like there is nothing more to them until someone else notices something and points it out. Then, they all of a sudden believe in themselves and see the light so to speak. They become best friends, or married, or both.

    In reality, it seems different. Why do you think that is? Are we seeing something that really is not there? Or are people too afraid to admit that there is?

    Why is it sad or tragic?

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    1. The cliche isn’t entirely inaccurate. Sometimes the only way to be brave is to be thrown into an uncomfortable situation. For some people (like possibly me), that situation may be getting noticed by someone. But once confronted with a situation like that, we often find we rise to the occasion, and our confidence grows.

      But unlike the cliche, there’s still DOUBT. “Am I wrong?” “Am I being manipulated?” “What does this person ACTUALLY want?” And that’s what’s sad or tragic. Either the doubts are unfounded, and you were fretting for no reason — Or, they were founded after all…

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            1. Well… it could just be that I’m confused. And even if I’m not (about this), some things are less confusing looking from the outside in. But, people are funny little puzzles, I think; and funny little puzzles tend to come with funny little pieces that don’t seem to fit right. Sometimes you just have to go with it.

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  2. So, let’s start with a pop culture reference. Your subject immediately brought to mind an exchange between Andy Garcia and George Clooney near the end of “Ocean’s 13:”

    AG: “What, you think this is funny?”
    GC: “Well, it sure as s*** isn’t sad, Terry.”

    Now, on to your case (unless, of course, you also are planning a Vegas heist), caution and uncertainty only are natural, particularly to those of us accustomed to being hurt. Many times, in fact, it seems as though that’s all there is.

    Don’t let that feeling go to waste, suitable only for tormenting us. No, no, it makes us noble, but why let it off so easily? Understand we’re only halfway (if that) through the story. Fate has told one part of the tale, but Life is just clearing its throat.

    Keep the angst in mind, but don’t grant it monopoly. Instead, Life will put it to work making the dawn, whenever it comes, all the brighter.

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