The Mother Hen and the Night Owl

It’s not an act of self-destruction;
It’s the active choice to mind
The things that I’ve set for myself,
Even when it’s easier to let them slide.

It’s not a tumble down an endless hill,
For me to be gripping on so tight;
Sometimes, staying up to get things done
Is what gets me through the night.


Still need sleep though — alas…

4 thoughts on “The Mother Hen and the Night Owl

  1. Can’t sleep until I get this done, yet sleeplessness doesn’t make things any easier. Far from it.

    God, why do I have to make things so difficult?

    That’s me, by the way, every tenth post or so. Compared to what you endure, Rachel, I get off easy, but I do understand the exercise.

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    1. Heh. That’s exactly it. And lately, I’ve been trying to wake up early. Note: do NOT stay up till 2, then wake up at 7, and then try staying up until 2 again. It’s not very feasible…

      Although as for comparisons, you don’t necessarily have it easier. I may post more, but you definitely comment (and probably read) more, and any comment of yours is often worth at least one post of mine, in content as well as length.

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      1. Well thank you, Rachel. Your regard really makes me feel good. In fact, it just made my evening!

        Really, do “outsiders” have any idea how much effort either one of us puts into our blogs? Maybe, if they have blogs of their own, but it takes a lot of polishing to give words that luster. A fact perhaps only another writer can appreciate fully

        OK, I’ll put down the world’s tiniest violin to observe, it’s also a h*** of a lot of fun! Especially when people start commenting..

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        1. Glad to hear it!

          Now there’s a question. I often wonder how my family (aside from my sister) would react to learning I have a blog… I’m half convinced they’d laugh. But then again, people often will surprise me…

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