The Adventurers

Open the door and let us in!
We’ll crack the kegs and make a din
And then we’re heading out again,
To save the girl and slash the villain.

We’re the best to have when you need a hand;
The finest adventurers in the land!
Sure, things don’t always go as planned…
But it always goes, in the end.

Between us, it’s a four-way share:
There’s me, and then there’s Javier;
And Silvertongue — there’s none more fair —
And of course there’s Reichenbach the Were.

So pray open up and let us in!
We’ll be leaving when it’s morn again;
Off to save the girl and slay the villain —
But first, some ale in this fine inn!

5 thoughts on “The Adventurers

  1. Bilbo, is that you?

    Of course, he summed up his story as, “There and Back Again.” How’s your story going to run, Rachel? Team up with the adventurers to find There, but then what? Maybe “Back Again,” but maybe not. Once you become a seasoned adventurer yourself, you’ll realize the destination is nothing compared to the trip.

    Title yours, “There? Never Saw It, but Oh, Wow!”

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