The Fall

I’ve tasted the fruit of the garden;
I’ve opened Pandora’s box.
The one was like letting the dark in;
The other one tasted like socks.

I’ve opened my eyes to the sorrow;
I’ve closed off my mind to the good.
Today is repeated tomorrow;
Only yesterday teases of “could.”

I’ve fallen down into the ocean;
I’ve dropped the ball into the lake.
I’ve flown too close to the sun;
If only I’d been less awake.

I’ve left the mirror all shattered;
My image seems to’ve gotten stuck.
The truth is much kinder when flattered…
Here’s to seven years of bad luck!

2 thoughts on “The Fall

  1. ”I’ve flown too close to the sun;
    If only I’d been less awake.” – Magnificent! I have enjoyed unravelling your witty allusions to Ancient Greek mythology (although I must admit, a comparison of Pandora’s box to the taste of ”socks” shocked me a little!). The Fall of Icarus is a sublime symbol, and you’ve implemented it well. 👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Though I confess, that first stanza I wrote with some parallelism in mind: outer verse going with the outer verse, inner verse with inner. But let’s face it — “tasted like socks” is going to be a shock in poetry, whether you’re talking Pandora’s box or the fruit from the garden of Eden.


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