Shadow Self

There is another me
To whom it matters not what’s said;
Nor indeed what I have seen,
Though what I’ve never oft is in its head.

It longs for a grand tragedy;
For a story to make real.
And the cost, to it, means nothing;
All that matters is the feel.

16 thoughts on “Shadow Self

    1. Aye… Say, have you ever watched Malcolm in the Middle? Slight topic jump, but bear with me. The only thing I remember of it is from years ago when I was watching an episode where the father becomes convinced that his kids don’t love him; that when he dies, they won’t care, or will even laugh. So he starts buying his kids things — anything they want. Trying to buy their love.

      I wound up going to the store with my family that day… Never got to find out what happened. But anyway, I’m thinking there’s a reason it stuck with me. And not just my horror wondering how they recovered (from) all that wasted money.

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  1. This shadow self functions without consequence, Rachel, and thus, is itself of little consequence.

    Much more interesting is the Real Rachel, she who makes her way in this world, who suffers its stings and who basks in a sunshine predestined.

    The Real Rachel makes progress and, unlike the shadow self trapped inside, actually is going places.

    Now, this is one to watch.

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