I don’t know how I’m supposed to be;
I never had a guide.
The person who was supposed to be
Learned to keep it all inside.
She lived rather a lot like me,
Never feeling like enough;
And now demands increase exponentially,
And she’s feeling like she’s had enough.
She doesn’t know how she’s supposed to be;
She never had a guide.
And now what are we supposed to be,
When we keep it all inside?

10 thoughts on “Guide

  1. A missile has guidance all the time, and that story doesn’t end very well, does it?

    Still, we all do need some guidance at various points. Even the loner and the misanthrope. More so for the rest of us.

    Helpful and reassuring as that is, Rachel, our future is our own. The path forward is the one we choose. Guidance comes from within, as well as from others. You know this instinctively, Rachel, which is why you spend time examining yourself and discussing the options. The guidance you seek (which we all seek) lies within these exercises.

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    1. One might suggest that depends on where the missile is going, and whether it would do more harm were it to suddenly stop, drop, and explode. I feel a little like stopping, dropping, and exploding sometimes… And I don’t think that would end well.

      Still… I rather hope you’re right, and that I can find this guidance.I

      (Sorry for the delayed response{s}, catching up on sleep…)

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  2. Actually, Rachel, your reply was prompter than was mine, as I’m just returning now after being away 24 hours or so.

    Anyway, my point was, whether the missile goes to where it’s directed, or if it stops and drops, things go majorly wrong. The perils of the guided life.

    Whatever “answers” the guiders claim, your own insights match them, and then some. Besides, even if you follow the lead given you, it still is your decision to pursue it. Even “guided,” you still are well on way to walking your own path.

    Why not go for full independence? Then, instead of concluding, inevitably, with an explosion, you’ll reach your target and will deliver…a witty, cutting rejoinder. Or a surprise party. Or 1,500 pounds of chocolate chip cookies.
    Much better that way, don’t you think?

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