15 thoughts on “Knots

  1. Knots give character, Rachel, don’t you know?

    They trap you for a while, keeping you and your emotions pinned in place, but your writing eventually glides past them. In the meantime, those knots have aged to perfection those experiences, imparting a savory richness.

    See that? Within you beats the heart of a food blogger.

    – The Terrified Amateur, aka Keith, aka Felix…

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      1. Just remembered I don’t like beets, so those are all yours, my friend. Enjoy your red teeth.

        As for names, let’s go with Felix. Maybe a century ago, when the name was more common, guys resented being saddled with it. Nowadays, though, as it seems poised to wink out of existence, its rarity intrigues.

        Go back half a century, though, to Felix Ungar and to Felix Leiter (Bond’s friend at the CIA), and the name was in its prime. You could’ve watched “You Only Live Twice” at the theater in the afternoon, then “The Odd Couple” on TV that evening. What a Felix Paradise that was!

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        1. What, no beets? But, Keith… It’s almost Halloween!

          Huh. It seems I’ve actually gotten rather used to “Keith,” and to Keith meaning you. Fancy that. Well, we’ll see if I can’t slip in a “Felix” here and there and make you (hehe…) happy.

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