If I wrote, and only wrote,
Without stopping off to think,
Would it undo this little curse,
Or would it turn out only bleak?
Could I find words to keep writing?
Would it sound in ways of sense?
Or would I be swallowed down
By cursed diffidence?

8 thoughts on “Diffidence

  1. This poem is well-written and relatable. Every writer is different, but I find it hard to write without either thinking or feeling something. Some writers use inspiration photos or writing prompts to boost productivity, and that seems to work better for some than others. I have kept a list of topics that I wanted to write about and sometimes found that useful. Sometimes poems come to me when I am trying to sleep or just waking up. I would be interested in your thoughts. ❤ All the best! Cheryl

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    1. Thank you! Good ideas, all. Usually I have a line pop into my head (or I borrow one from conversation; often conversations with myself) and go from there, or I just try to capture what I’m currently thinking/feeling. Or, you know, both. Though, if I’m overthinking everything I write, I do tend to develop a very cozy relationship with the “select all” and “delete” options, no matter where I try to draw inspiration from; so sometimes it’s just a matter of forcing myself to… bulldoze through.

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    1. The funny thing is, I actually wrote this poem trying not to think about it overmuch. I just went with whatever lines/rhymes that sprang to mind, without questioning it. And it did help me. A little. But my greater block is with comments… Sometimes, I just get stuck on what to say, and so I put it on the backburner, waiting to be “in the mood” — all the while feeling guilty, and thus putting more pressure on myself about it, which makes me feel more nervous, and thus I start procrastinating even more, etc etc…

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