5 thoughts on “Curiosities

  1. Ah, so you’re a changeling, Rachel? Well then, what do you count among your secret fairy powers?

    You can fly, for one thing. You do, weekly and more often, on these pages. So there’s that.

    Maybe we shouldn’t be ashamed of “mediocracy,” as it proclaims our genuineness. Yes, each of us is special in many ways (your wings, both literal and poetic, for example), yet in most other regards we’re similarly mediocre, just like everyone else.

    Seriously, despite Mozart’s astoundingly – divinely, actually – productive awesomeness, he was terrible at managing money. Never could make ends meet, despite a generous inheritance, royal commissions, etc.

    Yet, what survives today, nearly 250 years later, his money problems, or his music? The mundane makes us real, the magic makes us immortal. The former allows us to march through life, and the latter ensures we do so with style and panache.

    Your pen, Fräulein Mozart.

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    1. I didn’t know that about Mozart. That’s kind of funny, actually… I mean, probably not for him (at least, not at the time), but it’s nice to know the mundane touches even the inspired. You generously imply I belong more in the latter group; but for the former, the inevitable overlap is all the more rich.

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      1. Like the rest of us, Rachel, you’re probably “just OK” at a fair number of things. Hey, somebody has to fill in the middle 90% of the bell curve, and we’re just the people for the job!

        Fortunately for us, there are some things, like poetry and lingerie design, for which the bell fades quickly into the background. These are your passions, and they’re what will become your life’s work and legacy.

        Everything else, we’ll work through it together.

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