Escape Artist

Today I want my kings and castles;
Or sorcery, or laser rifles;
I want a world that isn’t mine
Where I’m more me than I’ll ever be
In the world waiting for me outside.

12 thoughts on “Escape Artist

  1. Of course, Rachel, it’s fantasy’s irresistible draw, allowing our souls to roam free of Reality’s crimped constraints.

    As such, it’s absolutely necessary to nourish a vibrant being. Without these dreams we wouldn’t be human.

    The best among us find a way to strike a balance, though, because No Fantasy, or All-Fantasy, is no way to go. One’s joyless and the other, pointless.

    Find a way to fold your reverie into everyday life. Sure, at first at least, you may not be living the dream. Eventually, though, the mists do rise. Keep at it, stay hopeful and continue dreaming. And wonder, eventually, at how much fantasy and reality overlap. Start finding a way now to make it happen, if you haven’t already!

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    1. Fear is my driving emotion. It is often better to be afraid than… other things. So I am afraid to speak, I am afraid to act; I am afraid to see, and to hear. I am afraid of being selfish, so I suit myself to other’s expectations. I am myself afraid of abandonment, so I cling to others — even when I long since should’ve learned to stand on my own.

      And I am afraid that all this makes me worthless, a failure. But I’m more afraid of the alternative.

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      1. Naturally, Rachel, there’s caution. We’re complex creatures with equally complicated interactions. So much, be it good or be it bad, arises from any one of our actions, worlds are at stake. Certainly, our deeds are more heavily laden than is, say, grazing.

        Though, when you doubt your own worth, ask yourself why we, your “public,” are here and we keep returning. I’ve been here nearly a year, and others have been in the audience longer still. What brings us back, if not you? You’ve gathered a crowd and you’ve kept them engaged for years now. No small feat, that.

        Part of what you describe is part of what we all experience as we grow and try to match our personalities to circumstances. It never stops, really. We’re always refining, adjusting, reconfiguring. This too is part of your learning process.

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        1. Thank you. That’s actually very comforting. I’m sorry, I kind of turned the conversation around, didn’t I? My mind leapt from dreams and reality, to escapes, cowardice and fear.

          Hmm… Maybe I should pick up grazing as a hobby. Much more relaxing, and lawnmowers would become a thing of the past! 😝

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