There’s a face you’re used to seeing
And I’m not sure that it’s mine;
My own is always fleeting
And you don’t catch it quite in time.

You only see what I am showing —
But you never seem to mind,
Or see what I most fear you knowing,
Or what I most wish for you to find.

Instead you shout for a beginning…
But for me the show is always on;
And as the act begins you think you’re winning
But if you looked, you’d find the actor gone.

8 thoughts on “Actor

  1. Heartfelt, Rachel…and heart-stirring. Perhaps (or perhaps not) lonely among the postures and inventions, here’s a genuine cry from the soul.

    Don’t be so quick to underestimate your audience, though. Sure, each act follows a script you penned, yet those of us who have stayed through the intermissions can discern patterns, spots in each scene which reveal the actress (or the puppeteer). If we’re patient, a portrait emerges, albeit slowly.

    The pace is fine; we’re patient.

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      1. We are sitting in the dark, after all, Rachel. Understandable you can’t make out much beyond the stage lights.

        Still, the occasional shouted comment, a burst of applause or “Brava!” does betray our presence.

        “What, they’re still here?” Yep, you better believe it, sister!

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        1. Hehe. I believe it.

          Honestly, I was thinking less of my audience here, and more of fuzzy family ties. With family, I’m like a tv with poor reception, a book held too close to the face. Largely my own fault, but I just don’t know how to play a part I was never taught… Even when the character I’m supposed to be playing is myself.

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