Rose Colored Glasses

Did you lose them on a walk?
Did you drop them down a well?
Come, my dear fool, talk!
We’ll find out where they fell.

Did you lend them to a friend?
Did they crunch beneath your boot?
It must’ve been an ignoble end
For you’ve turned into a mute!

What, did you lose them to a vat of rum?
Were they stolen by a ghost named Fred?
You needn’t look so vexed for them —
They’re there upon your head!

12 thoughts on “Rose Colored Glasses

    1. Haha! Nice disclaimer.

      Since you were seven? Wow. My sister’s near-sighted, and has worn glasses for as long as I can remember: try to show her something from across the room when she doesn’t have her glasses on, and she’ll squint at you and order you (often with some exasperation) closer. What’s your trouble, if you don’t mind me asking?

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      1. I can see close up so am near-sighted too which is great if I’m cutting my nails but I am like your sister and can’t see anything across the room. My glasses are really strong, and are now tri-focals though you can’t tell as they all blend together with no lines. I hated getting glasses on my 7th birthday – I used to pretend they were broken. I’d go to school and take some adhesive tape and put it on the arm and part of the frame and then take them off as I said I couldn’t see as the tape was in the way. Kinda dumb. 🙂

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        1. It makes sense, in a kid kind of way. It can be hard to adjust to things like that; it’s new, it’s different, you might get teased, etc. At least you came up with an original excuse. My go-to for everything was almost always “I forgot…”

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          1. “I forgot” was my standard excuse for many things. Or “everyone else does it” to which I got “if everyone jumps in the lake, do you have to follow?” Sometimes you could not win for losing. 🙂

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  1. Ha! Inspired, as usual, Rachael.

    Of course, who needs rose colored glasses? They blur our surroundings with a misrepresentation just as distorting as is nearsightedness.

    No, what we can use are good old-fashioned lenses. Something which clears the world around us and brings all into focus. Then we may see the challenges ahead, and we may devise a plan to overcome them.

    Better still, we also will identify the good things too, and we will gather them. Rose colored glasses? Bah! How can we know what sparkles when everything is tinged?

    Get thee to an eye doctor!

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    1. Ah, but is not distortion the province of all types of glasses? When something is bent, you can’t straighten it without bending it back. When one’s vision is distorted, does it not require being distorted back into correction? Perhaps rose colored glasses are just the fix for a particular kind of distortion.

      That said… An eye doctor couldn’t hurt. 😜

      …Unless it’s a REALLY bad eye doctor, I suppose.

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