Anniversary the Third

Apparently, today (technically yesterday now — sorry) was my blog’s third anniversary. I had meant to begin blogging on my birthday (later in the month), a sort of coming of age present to myself; but, metaphorically speaking, the temperature of my feet began to drop, and I decided it’d be best to just jump in before I completely lost my nerve. I’m very glad I did so.

Though I haven’t exactly been on top of things lately, I appreciate this community a great deal, and everyone who’s decided to join me here, recently and in the past. I wish I could return half so much of your cleverness, kindness, and attention. But I’m afraid I must again caution that my attentions have external reasons to be diverted, and I may (assuming that’s even possible) be even more scarce than I’ve been. Sorry in advance!

24 thoughts on “Anniversary the Third

  1. Let’s go drill instructor here – Out-standing, Rachel!

    I’m glad you remedied chilly toes with warm thoughts and a good pair of running shoes.

    Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday too!

    By the way, how astounding a coincidence would it be if your birthday, like mine, is on the 20th? Even if the universe is fresh out of extraordinary feats at the moment, we still both are Scorpios, right?

    Of all the horoscope signs in al the world, we had to wander into each other’s.

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      1. Yes … even if snow is swirling, winds are howling.
        That said, I’ve not had ice cream in the house since my mom passed away, and then it was more frozen yogurt as she had heartburn sometimes and said it worked better than meds. Three years is a long time and you post daily, or near daily … that deserves congratulations right there. I am thinking of going to two times a week. In the Fall, I have lots of errands and outside stuff to do … I loaded in groceries for the next six months, no perishables, something I always do, but now got started a little earlier due to the pandemic. I am worried about our state’s stats … very worried, even though I work from home, live alone … I will continue my walks, masked up, but worry a lot. I am very far behind in Reader because of the groceries, yardwork, a few computer problems and I took so many photos and wrote about so many walks. It takes time … still dwelling on a two-post-a-week schedule for awhile. Blogging is fun, but sometimes I think I should have waited until I was retired to jump in and start a blog. Take care Rachel.

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          1. My mom and I laid in provisions for Winter for years, but the last several years, I’ve been more diligent in gathering for a longer period of time … and especially this year so no more trips for me (or peanuts which I’ve hopefully got enough too). I’m glad I started early because now they are limiting quantities as people are buying in bulk again. Yes, channeling my inner Parker. πŸ™‚ Back in 2015 we had a blizzard, the snow plows came overnight and plowed in front of my driveway. I had done the snow shoveling in the morning, but they pushed the snow at the end of the driveway, then we had freezing rain and it froze in place. I could not pull my car out for two months. I had stocked up on most stuff, but not all, so tagged along with my neighbor … after that I told myself I’d load up as much as I can … the house looks like a mess though. Stuff is everywhere as I ran out of shelves downstairs and cupboard space upstairs.

            I feel like I never catch up anymore – yesterday I didn’t do anything in the house as we had some very strong winds (50 + mph) and they predicted a lot of power outages. I didn’t want to start anything in case I lost power and knew if I lost power, I’d be farther behind, so was here all day. I do need to step away a little more though.

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              1. I’m no fan of snow … I would like to move to a state like yours with no snow. Years ago I tried to convince my mom that we should move to one of the southern states after a trip down South – to never deal with snow again would have made me happy. But now, all those states regularly get snow … yes, not as much as we do, but … enough.

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                  1. My first 10 years were in Canada – we lived in Oakville, Ontario – we had more snow than here. Back then I was young, so never dealt with it like now. It is pretty and people like living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where they get snow as early as October and until late April/early May. They measure snow in feet … it is pretty there and people retire and winterize their homes … if they don’t have to go out much or are in Winter sports activities, it is great. Otherwise, get a lot of books on hand.

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                    1. Yes, this is true – you are lucky never dealing with it. It is pretty on Christmas Eve and it can go away the next day. I sound like a Scrooge don’t I? We did have snow today, but just on the grass in my area, other areas got up to 4 inches. We just had snow on the grass for now.

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