There’s so many things I can’t express
So I leave you to understand me less and less
And I like to think I’m helping, but I know
I’m only helping us die our deaths slow

12 thoughts on “Express

  1. Still, Rachel, not everyone requires you to express explicitly what it is you’re feeling. Most do, perhaps, but there are a few who will understand, even when the words don’t come so easily.

    Words, as you know, are mighty powerful, but they have no monopoly on expression. Some individuals come into your life from time to time who need no verbal or written prompts to connect. Their own experiences often match your own, syncing them automatically with your wavelength.

    When we realize this while it’s happening, all the better for us. Yet, even when we don’t recognize the coincidence until it’s past, our lives still are richer from knowing it was a real thing. Will be again someday, too.

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      1. No doubt, Rachel. Particularly when someone close to you, who you think would sync up “naturally,” remains at odds.

        It really shouldn’t be this way, but you have unfortunate proof the anomaly exists. I wish I could offer comforting reassurance that everything’s going to be OK, but life sometimes defies such simple remedies.

        Until such time something changes for the better, you always will have someone to listen, of course. It isn’t the same, I know, but it does improve on the void..

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