6 thoughts on “In the Land of Deep Despair

  1. Smart and well-crafted, Rachel, as is your wont.

    Thing is, is not recognition of one’s own “insanity” a hallmark of mental fitness? That you acknowledge the thoughts and impulses that invade your space as being odd or unsound defines, by default, your sanity’s prominence.

    That these thoughts bedevil you and make you struggle shows your soundness isn’t displaced so easily.

    We should remember the positive, yet we shouldn’t discount the negative either. This is where we have work to do.

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    1. Darn. You mean I can’t plea insanity? Can I at least plea excessive sanity? Though personally, I think the two might be synonymous. Sometimes, it’s thinking too much, too logically, that can drive you mad. Hence the need for balance. Does a pendulum count as being balanced? It doesn’t much feel like it. Although it does feel like I may be rambling.

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      1. Let your plea be “sensitivity.’ How’s that sound, Rachel? So counsel advises. “May it please the court…:

        Yes, in fact, I do think the pendulum strives for balance. If I remember my physics (maybe I do; the “hard” sciences often baffle), it seeks gravitational center. That’s the way clocks work – each contains a pendulum which, as part of its fluctuations, strikes a perfectly timed balance.

        When you cling to the pendulum, and it swings about wildly, kinda difficult to discern, let alone to appreciate, the balance, but it’s there. As beautifully compensated as always.

        As with so much else in life, immediacy allows little room for perspective. Only upon stepping back and in taking the big picture do we see the pattern. This is why it’s so helpful to have other people in our lives. They help us appreciate the “10,000-foot view,” just as we bring it into focus in their lives.

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