“Happy Birthday”

It was your birthday today
And I merely closed my eyes
Everything I ought to say
Dismissed with “nevermind”
All the games we used to play
Exchanged for worries and white lies
And if we were friends again someday
I don’t know what you’d find.

8 thoughts on ““Happy Birthday”

  1. Ah, Rachel, but you don’t know what you’ll find, either.

    That’s kind of the whole point, isn’t it? People develop as lives evolve. Life hardly stands still, and neither do we. A few things remain constant, of course, and that’s the structure on which friendships grow, but most is dynamic and interesting.

    Take advantage of the variety!

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    1. Ah, but that’s the thing. I can’t take advantage, because I earnestly believe I have so little to offer but misery, myself. Life may not stand completely still, but it can slow to a point where it’s unmistakable from limbo.

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      1. Eh, Rachel…take another look in the mirror. “Little to offer,” huh? Shirley you can’t be serious.

        First of all, I didn’t claw my way upward from reflexive pessimism to wallow in “misery” for the past year or so. That would’ve been pointless. A huge mistake, actually.

        Instead, you provide so much more than you think. Let’s start with wit, curiosity and creativity. Those qualities sparkle and inspire occasional laughter.

        Come to think of it, much more than “occasional.” Wait…before we continue, I’d like to introduce you to someone – the Rachel who’s sustained my own blog for like, well, forever. All those qualities we celebrate this evening, Rachel brings to my journal, in abundance. She saves some for here too.

        That’s part of you too, isn’t it? In fact, that IS you. That Rachel persists, and with attention, she’s on the ascendancy.

        Come on, we’ve worked on this engine for more than a year now. Finally, it’s sputtered back to life. Let’s get it humming!

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