16 thoughts on “In the Back of My Mind

        1. Ah. Well, one may not equal the other, but what would you say is the difference? One could say it’s in how it affects people. Arrogance expects things from those around; confidence is a promise of something from yourself. Arrogance entails a certain sense of entitlement, while confidence is something earned. I haven’t earned it. Thus, what else could it be but arrogance?

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          1. I don’t agree with the fact that confidence is earned. You’re responsible for building and maintaining it.

            What’s the difference? Arrogance is a rude version of confidence. When you’re not being a donkey, then you’re confident.

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            1. But you can’t build something from nothing. The materials for building confidence must come from somewhere, and for most people, that somewhere is experiences. Thus, in a sense, it’s earned. By living. By knowing what you’re capable of. Or even just by having faith.

              As for the difference… Rude can be a matter of perception. What’s a grievous offense to one person might seem a mere necessity to another.

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